National Resilience College (NRC)

NRC is a centre of excellence for strategic thinkers who possess the traits and qualities of statesmen. The objectives of NRC are as shown below:

  • Aspire being an institution able to develop best practices at the highest level of thinking in holistically supporting the national interest.
  • Being a platform for leaders at the highest level to possess sound level of academics and experience to develop policies which lead to the national interest especially in the aspects of security.
  • Develop strategic thinkers and policy entrepreneurs.

Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College (MAFDC)

MAFDC functions as a national centre of excellence in defence and war studies. The objective of MAFDC are as shown below:

  • Conduct comprehensive studies in the aspects of defence and war which include strategy, security and international relations.
  • Conduct studies which are formulated to develop military officers who are knowledgeable in significant issues pertaining to strategy and defence at the national, regional and global levels.
  • Develop military officer who can interact effectively with government bodies, academicians and scholars in aspects pertaining to security and defence.


Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College (MAFSC)

MAFSC functions as a centre of excellence in conducting studies which emphasize on jointness for all the services in the Malaysian Armed Forces. The objectives of MAFSC are as shown below:

  • Conduct strategic and defence studies aligned towards the goal to develop leaders with quality who have skills in planning and execution of war as well as management of resources in a joint warfare environment.
  • Develop military officers who can execute their roles as commanders and staff at the joint operations.
  • Develop military officers who can evaluate factors and concepts in military development and management in defence organization.