1. Research and Training Development.
    a. Development of Competency Standards.
    b. Development of Training Package Standards.

2. Annual Performance in Delivery of Subjects. Increase in performance by 0.2 every year.

3. Evaluation of Training Programmes. Not less that 5.5 (from the Likert scale of 1 to 10).

4. Evaluation of Final Examination. Examination papers prepared at least 2 days before the examination.

5. Percentage of Passing Rates. Increase in performance by 0.5 every year.

6. Management of Course Participant Failures. Issue of warning letters after failing the repeat examination and process for Return to Unit (RTU) if necessary.

7. Evaluation of Directing Staff and Lecturers.
    a. Evaluation made 2 to 4 months after the commencement of courses.
    b. Annual evaluation made towards the end of courses.

8. Internal/ External Validation. Conducted based on the existing requirements by the Malaysian Armed Forces to ensure the standards of course are adhered to.