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Accountability Index Monitoring System (AIMS)


Accountability Index Monitoring System (AIMS) is a web-based system used for implementing financial management audit through online. AIMS was developed in 2008 with the collaboration between Internal Audit Division and Information Management Division. AIMS was gradually implemented in 2009. The purpose of AIMS is to increase awareness to the Responsibility Centre (RC) to evaluate their performance internally through a set of AIMS's questionnaires. This process paves the way for RC to implement self-auditing which directly enhance the accountability and committed in their task. Hence, higher level of integrity needed to ensure the effective implementation of AIMS.


  1. To ensure an efficient and effective internal control;
  2. To ensure RC comply with the current rules and regulations;
  3. To increase awareness in financial management through self-auditing by RC;
  4. To achieve Zero Financial Mismanagement towards combating corruption; and
  5. To maintain 4 stars achievement in financial management.