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National Resilience College (NRC)


It is an honour for me as the Commandant of National Resilience College (NRC) and behalf of all Faculty Members and Staff to congratulate you for being selected to attend the Nation’s Military Highest Learning Institution,National Centre For Defence Studies (NCDS)(Pusat PengajianPertahananNasional (PUSPAHANAS)) and in particular the NRC.

As a pioneer course, I assure you that the College is working very hard to ensure that your course is designed to accommodate the main objective of “preparing senior officers to be a strategic thinker of a statesman’s quality who are capable of utilising national power to promote security, stability and prosperity of a nation, region and world”.

During the course, you will be exposed to about 200 lectures on a wide canvas of political, social, economic and strategic issues. The speakers will include politicians, statesmen, economist and diplomats. The widest range of thoughts are fearlessly expressed. There is no attempt to brainwash but rather catalyse the process of absorption, analysis and synthesis. The mental attitude is outward and forward looking. In this note, courses in NRC are designed to widen the participants’ vision on the regional and the global context in which a nation state operates and the global issues that influence her options in the realm of policy and strategy.

Along the process, I humbly urge and encourage your contribution by sharing your experiences, perspectives and insights with us and other Course Members during lectures as well as discussions.

We are optimistic that at the end of the course, the intent of enhancing your competency of putting the elements of national power into practical application will be materialised and beneficial for your future endeavour.

As the Commandant of the College, I would like to bid a warm welcome, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the course.